Are you the director of a Small to Medium Business? It can be tough knowing what to do from the top. With some business it seems like everyone is doing their job and you’re hardly needed, with others it feels like the logistics of everything depend on you, right down to the water coolers or even keeping the lights on. Thankfully for most of these you will be able to find outside help if you seek it. Even details you might not think about such as whose allowed into the building could cause issues, but services like brivo access control systems exist for precisely this purpose. It is through their help that you will be able to carefully monitor and control this. with that out of the way, you will be able to take care of other matters needed to successfully run and manage your business. As a director, you must embrace the challenge as well as the chaos, even if you think the whole building may come crumbling down if you turn your back for a second.

As a director, you may find you lack peers to discuss certain points. Contact our business growth consulting firm, and you’ll find very smart, experienced, and well prepared individuals that can assess your situation and business and provide a few suggestions to get started down the right track. That track being, making your business grow and flourish. It can start to feel a little lonely at the top, but it doesn’t have to be; we can be the consulting service you need to keep the ideas and the growth flowing.

Here is an event with similar information in its main theme. You are invited to attend “The Role of a Director in Small to Medium Businesses” workshop on Wednesday the 13th of September.

Delivered under the Entrepreneurs’ Programme (a Federal Government’ initiative for business competitiveness and productivity), the workshop is targeted at business owners who may not have been exposed to the all of the intricacies of corporate governance and regulation, and who may not fully understand the roles and responsibilities of being a Corporate Director. They even have speakers hired through a Virtual Presenter Services company.

The event is a FREE full-day workshop targeted at business owners of companies with an Australian Company Number (ACN), and will be incredibly valuable for directors of all small companies covering many aspects of business governance, risk and responsibilities. The event is designed to benefit small to medium businesses from all industry sectors and help them with the creation of the company, using resources as the Australian Online Company Registrations which help people doing the registration to make their companies official.

Then you can also register the business at a different location if you wish to keep your personal address private and there are lots of cities to choose from such as Birmingham. There is a great text changer tool you can use for your business, that is a web-based application that can write unique articles for your website/blog without any hustle. You are just one click away from 100% unique article. Well, all you need is to copy and paste your desired article into the text box and hit spin. That’s it; you have generated a unique article for your website.

So, turn your business into a multi office location and open new regional markets with a virtual office Birmingham location of your choice. And according to Adbuz having professional SEO services on your business will make it most likely to succeed. You see, seo services would ensure your site has better visibility, which would ultimately direct more traffic and more business towards you, allowing you to thrive.

The content will provide practical advice on:

  • Developing cohesive and effective performance
  • Best practice corporate governance
  • Corporate regulation.

And will aim to address common questions such as:

  • Am I running my business in the correct manner?
  • Have I covered all my risk bases?
  • What are the things that I need to be especially concerned about?
  • What do I need to do to take my business to the next level?

These workshops will be delivered by corporate accountant Peter Towers from Towers Business Development Pty Ltd. Towers Business Development has operated as a specialist consulting organisation since 1999 and has specialised in Innovation Practices, Commercialisation and Corporate Governance. As a business expert I’d recommend taking b2b loyalty programs to help you choose the right decisions for your company.

This FREE event is hosted by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Entrepreneur’s Programme in collaboration with Ai Group, and you can register to attend here.

If you have any questions about this event (or the Entrepreneurs’ Programme), please contact [email protected]

And if you need help managing your compliance obligations, please get in touch with the team here at Business Wise to see how we can help you!

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