Cybercrime has increased 300 per cent since 2015. 43 per cent of cybercrime targets small business, that’s why many are now looking for new a business security system design to stay protected. 22 percent of small businesses are so badly affected they can’t continue. Since there are many different type of crimes, from cybercrime to drug crimes, and you can learn more about this subject and its legal defense with this content online. That’s why every business needs some sort of third party risk management to keep their data secured, but don’t let this keep you from starting your own business, there are tons of new online business opportunities

Don’t let your business become a cybercrime statistic. You should be able to avoid this rather easily by hiring professional network management and it services.

Do your homework and make sure you work with the best ones you have access to. Some specialize in cyber security, while others focus on networks, keeping your computer equipment running, and the like. Be sure to hire some that will be able to provide you with decent security against cyber attacks. Some people are simple not well versed enough in computers to know what makes a good candidate. You could always request the assistance of an it staffing agency, and have them assign someone to you. Their job is to find people that will know how to perform in this position, so that would be saving you the time and trouble of finding the right person for the job yourself.

In partnership with CREST ANZ Limited, the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science is supporting small business to improve their cyber security.

A grant of up to $2,100 to eligible small businesses for 50 per cent of the value of a certified small business health check. The objective of this grant opportunity is to support small businesses across Australia to have their cyber security assessed by a CREST approved service provider.

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Be sure to check your eligibility for the grant, and don’t forget that CREST also provide FREE self-assessment tools.

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