Cash flow is a critical factor to business success. Too little revenue coming in or too much going out will cause any organisation struggle to stay afloat. For those who operate a small business in Australia, future proofing your cash flow is a crucial consideration. Without this forethought, it is likely that your organisation could become one of the 51 per cent of businesses that cease trading within the first four

More and more Australian restaurants are replacing traditional desktop accounting software with CrunchTime software. Here we will take a look at the top 3 solutions for small business.

Successful family businesses can take a lifetime to build, but poor decisions around succession can rip the heart out of a business and a family in a fraction of this time. Handing over power to a new generation is a tricky process. If you plan to transfer your business to a family member you need to consider how this will affect the family unit as well as future business operations. Contact us

Today we’ll be talking about one of the least technical pieces of planning your new website, and one of the most important to get right: choosing a domain name. Your goals, in the order I’d put them in, are: Available. Memorable. Succinct and typeable. We’ll be going backwards through this list, to show how we brainstorm memorable and succinct domains until the right one that’s available comes up, click here

Retiring from your business which you have built up for many years can not only be an emotional milestone but also a financial and legal challenge. Getting it right is important for your future well being in retirement as well as the continuation and growth of your business. Recently I came across some statistics that showed that 31% of all small business owners are aged over 50. Additionally, in another

Do your employees have the post-holiday blues? Do you want to channel the fresh energy that comes with the start of a new year? There are some simple strategies you can use to boost morale and increase productivity in your workplace whether your employees are deflated or delighted at the start of 2015. 1) Harnessing New Year’s resolutions If they’re willing to share them at work, you can find ways

Whether you’re writing a sales page, email, or press release, you need to pull out a few copywriting skills. Basically, you want to make sure that when prospects read what you have written, it compels them to take action. Here are 10 tips that will help your copy generate a powerful response from your prospects: 1. Highlight a Single Benefit It’s important to create focused ad-copy so that your prospects

Fuel tax credit rates have increased for eligible fuel acquired from 2 February 2015, due to a rise in the consumer price index (CPI). Rates are indexed twice a year in line with the CPI – generally on 1 February and 1 August. What you need to do If the team at Business Wise are responsible for managing your fuel tax credits, then you do not need to do anything