We were fortunate earlier this week to witness the induction of our Principal, Lloyd Priddle, as a Fellow of Certified Practising Accounts (CPA) Australia. Founded in 1886, CPA Australia is one of the world’s largest accounting bodies, with more than 150,000 members across 121 countries. Core services to members include education, training, knowledge exchange, technical support, networking and advocacy. Only highly-experienced CPAs can become a Fellow of CPA Australia (FCPA), so

According to a 2013 recruiting channels survey, job boards were among the sourcing channels recruiters use most — second only to employee referrals. But while this channel delivered the highest quantity of candidates, it was lower on the list for quality. Not only that, but advertising on job boards is expensive. Recently, it was found that the average advertising cost-per-hire was $173 (and smaller businesses were paying significantly more than

You can, and should aim to make your customers hopelessly devoted. What are we talking about? A loyalty program. Business owners want customers. But often they’re too focused on finding new customers, which can be one of the hardest — and most costly — aspects of running a business.

The National Tax and Accountants Association have prepared a video summary of tax changes from the budget handed down last night.

One of our directors, Lloyd Priddle, was fortunate to have a meeting with Mayor Margaret Strelow today in recognition of years of service to the Rockhampton Enterprise Centre.

No matter what your industry — or how long you’ve been working in and at it — there will always be new ways to innovate and solve problems.

In the early stages of owning a small business, many people find they also have to be the bookkeeper. This can mean less time spent doing what you love. Even if you have a dedicated bookkeeper, finding a way to stay on top of the latest numbers can be tricky. Just like HR Risk Assessment Services your bookkeeping software plays a huge role in determining whether the process is quick

Many bookkeepers are still using outdated bookkeeping systems that do not share information delivered by the latest technology advancements. It may be because they are not fully informed about cloud based accounting systems or they believe that the old model still works ‘just fine’. Unfortunately many are also slow to adapt to the changing landscape of Ecommerce Strategy, and discourage the adoption of these new technologies because they are desperately

Selling a product or service — verbally or through marketing efforts — shouldn’t be a one-sided, pushy endeavour. Since small business owners believe in what they’re selling, there’s a strong desire to tell potential customers everything all at once.

If you’re like many small business owners, you probably have a somewhat rudimentary understanding of business accounting. But wrapping your head around the VPNfair, especially for those math-avoidant types, can be the least favorite part of owning a business. And while it may seem easiest to focus in on a few vital tasks, experts insist that all elements of business accounting are important. Linda Pinson, owner of Out of Your