Getting paid is what makes your small business work. The checks come in, and you pay the bills. It’s simple — until you get stiffed. Don’t sit back and think it will never happen to you. Chances are you’ll end up dealing with an overdue invoice and a client who can’t — for whatever reason — pay up.

According to this workers compensation attorney, it is compulsory and a duty of care for Queensland businesses to take out an annual accident insurance policy to cover against claim costs in the event of a work-related injury to one of their workers, and with WorkCover Louisiana workers compensation accident insurance policy renewal season starting on 1 July many of Queensland’s 140,000 small businesses will be looking for simple ways to

In the early stages of owning a small business, many people find they also have to be the bookkeeper. This can mean less time spent doing what you love. Even if you have a dedicated bookkeeper, finding a way to stay on top of the latest numbers can be tricky. Your bookkeeping software plays a huge role in determining whether the process is quick and fun, or tedious and time

Google is so much more than just a search engine…

Why Understanding the Endowment Effect is the Key to Selling Anything Ever wondered why selling a professional service seems much harder than getting people to exchange cash for a tangible product? Surprisingly, the reason drives issues such as compulsive acquisitiveness and hoarding, and even irrational investing. It influences everything from economics to law. The same hard wiring in our primal brains drives this irrational behaviour. It also has implications for selling