Following up is a key part of any sales job. It’s extremely rare that a rep will connect with their prospect on their first attempt, and so they must try again. And again. But just because this is common sense doesn’t mean it’s common practice. According to research from, the median sales outreach persistency rate for inbound leads is a measly one attempt. So much for following up.

What drives the most successful start-ups isn’t the money, it’s the mission. The founders who go on to create the greatest value for themselves and their investors are those with a vision of changing the world in some way.


Jul 2015

Payroll In Xero

Tim Mcfarlane, General Manager of Australian business consultants MTA Optima, talks about how the Payroll feature in Xero’s online accounting system has made a positive difference to their business.”One of the things it brought to us was recording leave, approving leave, the payslips – everything like that was just such an automated process,” Tim says.”We’re now able to make a lot more effective decisions for our clients, because we’re confident in

A new survey report just published by Staples Advantage offers a paradoxical set of findings about US office workers. Overwhelmingly, they are happy. Yet the majority of them feel burned out.  How could both things be true?

When people hear “debt” they usually think of something to avoid — credit card bills and high interests rates, maybe even bankruptcy. But when you’re running a business, debt isn’t all bad. In fact, analysts and investors want companies to use debt from Commercial Collection Services to smartly fund their businesses.

The non-arm’s length income rules play a significant role in structuring SMSF acquisitions and investments and can be a potential minefield for advisers.

It’s the self-help topic du jour: achieving “work/life” balance. Tips for reaching this coveted state-of-being range from the physical (like exercising and unplugging from technology) to the psychological (like meditating and mentally “disconnecting” from work) to the sociological (like meticulously scheduling all of your outside-of-work interactions/activities with friends and family).

As a salesperson at one point in his life, Dale Carnegie made his territory the national leader for the firm he worked for. He obviously knew what it took to succeed in sale but he knew that he had to get territory mapping software result in order to determine which territory was the best for his business. If you business needs to improve its sales then consider using this selling

Employees want to know how they’re doing — and they want to know it often. They crave both positive and constructive feedback. What are their strengths? Where can they improve? Where do they stand in the organization?

If you are a director of a company, it is almost inevitable that at some stage you will be asked or required to agree to a director’s (also called a personal) guarantee. You can Get More Information regarding this through a lawyer.