With small businesses facing unprecedented economic uncertainty in the US and UK, you might expect their general outlook to veer toward the pessimistic. Yet, our research into the opinions and sentiments of small business owners and their accountants showed something entirely different. The results of our second annual Make or Break Report revealed an irrepressible and unexpected optimism. Both owners (79%) and accountants (84%) feel more confident about 2017 than

There’s a direct correlation between happiness and healthiness in workers and productivity. The same is true for businesses. In Xero’s 2017 second annual Make or Break report, research revealed that 78% of small business owners believed their personal well-being (as well as that of their employees) is inextricably linked to the health of their business. As a result, they make their health and happiness a top priority. Health and your business

All businesses should be aware of the importance of properly recording security interests on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPS Register). The courts have once again reminded us of the importance of strict compliance with the legislation when registering security interests, and the potential to lose property to third parties when registrations are inadequate in the event of external administration. In the matter of OneSteel Manufacturing Pty Limited (administrators appointed)

Australian startups are being urged to review their claims for research and development tax offsets, following a joint alert from the Australian Taxation Office and the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science about claims for software development projects. The warning relates to concerns about the eligibility of activities that some companies are making claims for under the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Incentive scheme. According to the ATO, examples of ineligible

In a ground breaking win for property developers, a recent NSW Court of Appeal decision found that land held for future development but used for grazing, can be exempt from land tax. If you visit I Buy Pueblo Houses online or any other property developer, make sure that you investigate about it.