Business owners have once again been reminded to be on the lookout for suspicious emails, after thousands of fake invoices impersonating accounting software provider MYOB started hitting inboxes.

Radical and substantial superannuation changes take effect from 1 July 2017, meaning time is running out to make the most of this very effective tax minimisation strategy.

The Treasurer has presented the Federal Budget proposals for 2017 to Parliament, and the Business Wise team have been busy breaking it down. In this article are the key changes that we feel may affect a large number of our clients.

How are we planning to use taxes this year? The citizens have a right to a straight answer to this question. Thankfully, we have a plan that we wish to breakdown here today. The most important part of our tax allocation for the year comes in the form of constructions to benefit the city. A few new apartment and housing complexes are to be built. Naturally, these projects have the