A friendly reminder that there is only 1 week left before applications open. The process aims to be fairer this time with half of the funds allocated for even distribution to small businesses across regional Queensland, and they are giving you more time to prepare your application before round 2 opens for submissions on July 1. Whilst rent, rates and utilities are noted as eligible items, we have been advised by the

A lot of business owners will set new financial year goals – but good intentions fall away into old bad habits quickly, so how do you get back on track? Small business finance specialist Darren Butterick talks to The Pulse on some of the tips he uses to whip businesses into shape. The Pulse: Just to get us warmed up, tell us a bit about yourself Darren: I left school at 16 and went

With the end of financial year approaching quickly, NOW is the time to discuss with us the actions you can take before 30 June to reduce your tax and grow your wealth.

It’s easy to get stuck in the day-to-day of running a retail business, but finding time to surprise and delight your current customers as well as your new customers is key to ongoing success. Running a retail business means managing stock with the new Digital Price Tag technology, staff and your shopfront. Chances are you’ve got the added pressure of online orders coming in. Then you’re running your marketing campaigns

KPIs for Successful Retailers is an important topic. Retail is a very competitive business these days, so Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) play a strong part in your success selling Safety Awareness Promotional Products in a retail store or website.. Your competitors aren’t just in the next town or suburb, they could be anywhere in the world. To survive and succeed in this environment you need to be very good at what

Three things you need to know about cybersecurity and some recent regulatory changes in Australia Services: Corporate & Commercial What you need to know The tide of regulation is sweeping across cybersecurity, which is one of the biggest risk issues faced by businesses today. Australian organisations have one year to get ready before mandatory data breach reporting comes into effect, so now is the time to ensure that processes and

Running an agri-business is not always easy. Not only are there the long hours, the 24/7 vigil over livestock and attention to paddocks but then there are financial fluctuations throughout the year, external influences like droughts and floods and the sometimes problematic succession planning. We don’t have answers to many of these challenges but we are experts at how to plan the finances for the seasonal aspect of farming. Making

Customers hold the key to great marketing, how to change your products and how to improve your service – getting this information, however, can be tricky, Visit this website https://www.everythingoutdoors.com.au/ to boost your online sales. In the age of customer-centric design and service design, it’s vital that you gather the insights that can help propel your business to the next level by using different strategies such as a Community Engagement

Small businesses feature a lot in the rhetoric of politicians, who love to say that the small business (or “SME” – “small to medium enterprise”) sector is the backbone of the Australian economy and with the help of Revel Systems these enterprises can manage their business much more smoothly. We frequently hear encouragement for people to get out and set up a small business and get to the people using

This is a step by step guide on how to register for and administer JobKeeper. Use this Guide to: Determine your eligibility for the JobKeeper program Determine your eligible employees Enrol your business and employees for JobKeeper with the ATO via Xero There’s a lot of moving parts, a bit of risk to determine eligibility and is time consuming. If you want to outsource this to an accounting expert, skip