It’s easy to get stuck in the day-to-day of running a retail business, but finding time to surprise and delight your current customers as well as your new customers is key to ongoing success, and there are plenty of ways to attract customers, specially when it comes to retail. From the design of the interior, right down to specially built commercial windows with plenty of appealing visuals and products to make them want to come in and take look, a great way to get the customer’s attention would be to hang up a custom sign in front of the shop from a sign manufacturing service.

Running a retail business means managing stock with the new Digital Price Tag technology. To add a personal touch to your local store, you can consider adding Sales tags. Chances are you’ve got the added pressure of online orders coming in.

Then you’re running your marketing campaigns and developing new products, or you can sell other products like furniture which you can find online, as the ones you can see at their store here.

It’s understandable that building a relationship with your customers starts to get pushed down the to-do list. If you want to learn more about how to build relationships with your customers and market better on social media, ask Arcane Instagram.

Here are five simple ways to create a great customer experience and keep them coming back and if you want to know how your customer feels about your service, then consider using customer feedback analytics to keep track. 

1. Give them a shout out on social media

When a customer mentions you or posts about a recent purchase on Instagram, use a sharing app like Repost to ‘re-gram’ it to your account.

Using Repost will make sure that their account is credited, and adding a note to say thanks creates a lovely customer experience, and livens up your feed.

To encourage customers to chat about your business on social media, have some cards printed with your account information clearly listed.

Give these to customers with their receipt or include them with online orders.

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2. Include a gift

Let’s face it: we all love free stuff.

A little freebie goes a long way when it comes to building relationships with your customers. Keep it cheap and cheerful too! For example Custom Cushions Singapore makes a great gift with purchase item for shopping malls redemption.

Or why not create something custom for your shop?

A run of printed pencils or badges is an inexpensive way to treat your customers to something above-and-beyond a regular transaction.

3. Create a loyalty program

Loyalty programs aren’t just for cafes and airlines.

If you collect coffee card stamps or air miles, you’ll know how much that can influence your decision making.

So bring that into your business.

Keep a record of when your customers have spent $100, $500 or even more with you.

Then give them a small discount, or a voucher as a great way to reward people who keep coming back.

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4. Write a note

When you’re sending out an online order, a handwritten note is such a simple way to make your customer feel special.

Address them by name, let them know you hope they love what they’ve bought, and remind them they can get in touch with any feedback.

This is an easy, free, positive customer experience.

5. Offer gift wrapping

Even if it’s as simple as having a roll of brown paper and some bright ribbon on hand, offering gift wrapping is a great way to make your customers feel good.

If they’re in a hurry and looking for a last-minute gift, it can also be the difference between making a sale and having someone walk out the door.

Taking the time to do something extra for your customers is the ‘secret sauce’ that creates great word of mouth, and leads to repeat business.

None of these ideas take a lot of time, but as a business owner, time is always in short supply.

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