An employee may have a statutory right to volunteer as part of the national response to the bushfire relief effort and there are several types of leave available. Background The nation and the world have watched as Australia grapples with one of the worst natural disasters the country has ever seen. As part of the national relief effort, employers and employees should be aware of entitlements available to those volunteering

The Government has reintroduced legislation to create a new system to register company directors using a unique identification number and to modernise Australia’s broader business registers. The introduction of Director Identification Numbers (DIN) primarily targets phoenix activities, where company controllers shutdown an existing entity and transfer its assets to a new company as a means to avoid debts and liabilities, at significant cost to its creditors, employees and the Australian

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are important for any organisation and arguably more so for Not-for-Profit organisations. The main reason for this is that most Not-for-Profit organisations act on behalf of the public and rely on funds received from the public in the form of, for example, donations, subscriptions and membership fees, as well as grants from government organisations and distributions from philanthropic organisations. They are working with other people’s money. Whether you

The ATO recently released statistics showing small business is responsible for 12.5% ($11.1 billion) of the total estimated ‘tax gap’. These new figures give visibility to tax compliance issues within the small business sector and indicate where we can expect ATO resources to be focussed now and in the future. The tax gap estimates the difference between the tax collected and the amount that would have been collected if everyone

National quantity surveying firm BMT has reported a significant increase in Tax Depreciation Schedules for more than one owner, suggesting that co-ownership is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Owning a property with others can provide improved purchasing power, which can be particularly useful in capital cities and other tight markets, where it can be difficult to break into the property market. It can also balance out the expenses of owning

From Senate inquiries to proposed legislation, below is a summary of some of the major changes that happened in the business environment in 2019. January: Senate Inquiry into Credit and financial services targeted at Australians at risk of financial hardship The inquiry focused on payday business loan, consumer leases and buy-now-pay-later providers and how these arrangements are influencing consumer spending habits. Some concern centred around the financial safety of consumers

DPNs can be scary and confusing! They also have hidden tricks and traps that many people will not recognise or understand, so we’ve provided below an infographic to help you understand your DPN. If you’ve received a DPN and would like to talk to someone, call our friendly staff on 4922 6128.

Informal workplace complaints are unfortunately something that managers have to handle on a regular basis: whether it’s an employee letting off steam and having a whinge about their colleagues or something more serious that an employee just wants to get off their chest and insists they don’t want investigated. Given the very nature of informal workplace complaints (the fact that they are usually verbal, aren’t made in accordance with a

New black mark on credit ratings to leave substantial smudge. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) can now disclose business tax debt information to registered credit reporting bureaus. This law has been in the making since 1 July 2017; on the government’s agenda from 2014; and received royal assent on 28 October 2019. This is a new and unprecedented power for the ATO. And is a measure under the government’s strategy

Ever wonder why you still see $99.95 items on sale when it’s obvious that it’s a marketing trick? with the gift card system for small business you can increase gift voucher revenue, simplify processes and improve cash flows. Because it works. With marketers creating campaigns based on psychological and behavioural insights backed by data, they’re ignoring a fundamental truth in retailing: pricing is the most effective marketing tool in the