Have you heard about the Queensland Government’s Small Business Entrepreneur Grants Program? The program is providing matched funds to newly started small businesses so they can access to professional planning and invest at business for sale beaumaris plus coaching and training. Such advice is critical in the early phases of establishing a business as having the right structure and processes in place from the start can often give a business

Why did you purchase your last car? Or your last home? Or the shoes you are wearing right now? Or even the coffee you stopped for on the way to work? In fact, why does anyone buy anything?

Following up is a key part of any sales job. It’s extremely rare that a rep will connect with their prospect on their first attempt, and so they must try again. And again. But just because this is common sense doesn’t mean it’s common practice. According to research from InsideSales.com, the median sales outreach persistency rate for inbound leads is a measly one attempt. So much for following up.

As a salesperson at one point in his life, Dale Carnegie made his territory the national leader for the firm he worked for. He obviously knew what it took to succeed in sale but he knew that he had to get territory mapping software result in order to determine which territory was the best for his business. If you business needs to improve its sales then consider using this selling

A stalled deal is something in your pipeline or forecast that has not moved in the last 90 days, or when a prospect does not reply to your emails or return your calls.

Google is so much more than just a search engine…

Why Understanding the Endowment Effect is the Key to Selling Anything Ever wondered why selling a professional service seems much harder than getting people to exchange cash for a tangible product? Surprisingly, the reason drives issues such as compulsive acquisitiveness and hoarding, and even irrational investing. It influences everything from economics to law. The same hard wiring in our primal brains drives this irrational behaviour. It also has implications for selling

You can, and should aim to make your customers hopelessly devoted. What are we talking about? A loyalty program. Business owners want customers. But often they’re too focused on finding new customers, which can be one of the hardest — and most costly — aspects of running a business.

Selling a product or service — verbally or through marketing efforts — shouldn’t be a one-sided, pushy endeavour. Since small business owners believe in what they’re selling, there’s a strong desire to tell potential customers everything all at once.

In the earliest stages of launching a business, it’s common to start with a general topic or area of expertise that you’re passionate about and form an idea for what you’d like to offer from there. Good so far; but when you’re feeling inspired, it’s easy to rush through, or entirely overlook, the process of refining this initial idea into something people truly want.