With the end of financial year approaching quickly, NOW is the time to discuss with us the actions you can take before 30 June to reduce your tax like tax deduction for bloggers and grow your wealth.

Taxpayers who own marine vessels, thoroughbred horses, fine art, high value motor vehicles or aircraft should be aware of the ATO’s view of such assets. The ATO has announced that it will be requesting a further five years’ worth of policy information from more than 30 insurance companies about taxpayers who own what it dubs “lifestyle assets” such as those mentioned above. You can try here to find out and

The ATO recently released statistics showing small business is responsible for 12.5% ($11.1 billion) of the total estimated ‘tax gap’. These new figures give visibility to tax compliance issues within the small business sector and indicate where we can expect ATO resources to be focussed now and in the future. The tax gap estimates the difference between the tax collected and the amount that would have been collected if everyone

New black mark on credit ratings to leave substantial smudge. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) can now disclose business tax debt information to registered credit reporting bureaus. This law has been in the making since 1 July 2017; on the government’s agenda from 2014; and received royal assent on 28 October 2019. This is a new and unprecedented power for the ATO. And is a measure under the government’s strategy

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has announced that it will grant a two month lodgment and payment deferral to taxpayers impacted by the recent catastrophic bushfires. Acting Deputy Commissioner Andrew Watson said that people affected by the fires should focus on getting their other affairs in order and not worry about their tax obligations at this time. “We have applied automatic lodgment and payment deferrals to postcodes impacted by the

What often seems to make perfect sense in the real world does not always make sense for the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

The amnesty is over, and the ATO are taking the gloves off when it comes to foreign income!

With the new financial year upon us, you might be thinking about getting ready to lodge your tax preparation, either on your own or through the help of registered tax accountants or tax consulting firms that can provide professional tax services. Ask yourself (or your tax agent) about tax extension to make sure you get your tax right and use this tax time to set yourself up for a great

When cash flow gets tight, corporate compliance is often the first casualty. Some directors also think that if a tax debt can’t be paid, that it’s best not to lodge any tax returns. For your tax preparation it is even better to get some tax preparation consulting. However, according to a bankruptcy attorney the best way to get out of debt would be to get the proper help from a

Another financial year is about to finish! As a business owner, there are many obligations that you need to consider and action just before and after 30 June. Some of these will help to minimize your tax and with Webtaxonline tax accountant Toronto you will have the hand of a professional to manage any issue or just to make sure you are in the right path.. Others are compliance measures