There are many versions and definitions of profit. A Business Broker will provide potential buyers with financial records, who need to be aware of the subtle differences in terminology used to describe profit, so that they can understand the impact and implications of these differences. If this is going to be the first time you are running a business, then you should consider getting professional assistance from an executive coach

Small-business owners invest blood, sweat and tears — not to mention time and money — into their companies. Putting a price tag on all that work may seem impossible. But in fact getting an accurate business valuation is essential to planning for your future, whether that means a succession plan, sale of your business or even your own retirement.

Retiring from your business which you have built up for many years can not only be an emotional milestone but also a financial and legal challenge. Getting it right is important for your future well being in retirement as well as the continuation and growth of your business. Recently I came across some statistics that showed that 31% of all small business owners are aged over 50. Additionally, in another