December is usually the busiest time of the year for retail and hospitality businesses. But businesses in other sectors often find that their sales slowdown and their customers stop paying them for a few months. So cash flow dries up.

Whether your business is large or small, well-established or in start-up mode, you need to take a planned approach to managing cashflow during the holiday season, because managing your business is not easy, and if you add taking care of the website it gets harder. and you will need to know how to check your website ranking in Google to be able to succeed. For starters, it is important to identify if you’re business has a high and a low season, and note when those will be. Preparing for them will make the year run much smoother. As previously stated, identifying these specific sets of weeks or months and preparing accordingly will do wonders to the balance of your business. Here are a few other related tips for keeping on top of cashflow management during the Christmas/New Year holiday period:

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Then if you’re still doing HR the old way did you know that you can use online HR software and this makes the whole HR process so much easier as it’s all in the cloud pbx.


Don’t let your business admin slip in the rushed lead-up to Christmas. This is the most important time of the year to stay on top of your invoicing. You may find that many customers will be slow to pay because their businesses are closed over the Christmas period. Introduce modern solutions like the very critically-acclaimed enterprise point of sale solutions to keep an accurate record of transactions.


Be clear with your customers that you expect them to pay within the pre-arranged credit terms over the Christmas period. Phone regular slow payers a few days before payment is due to confirm that they’ll be paying on time, and that’s why is useful to get some credit, for companies online see page to learn more about this. The phone is always a more effective method than email. If you’re not comfortable having this conversation with your customers, your accountant or bookkeeper may be able to assist.

The importance of using social media on your business is almost as important as having customers. Nowadays Facebook is not that popular as it as years before. Now you’ll need to grow your tiktok likes with hypetik if you want your product to succeed online, Check out how quickly your business goes viral.


If your business is usually quiet in January, why not offer your clients a 10% discount if they book you in for January? Why not offer them a 15% discount if they also refer a neighbour or a friend? Set whatever discount amounts work for you. This is the thing: A strategy like this will keep your business busy and some cash coming through during the usually quiet period. Promoting a culture in your business is key to helping it grow and succeed too. Unknown positions like  like human resources job titles are among the fastest growing position and most sought after in a booming business.

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If sales are a little slow in the lead-up to Christmas, use the time wisely to hit the ground running in the new year.

The pre-Christmas slowdown is a great time to work through the to-do list you’ve been compiling all year. This might include taking a thorough inventory, searching for more suitable lending alternatives, completing a comprehensive competitor analysis or researching the market for new products and suppliers.

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