A friendly reminder that there is only 1 week left before applications open.

The process aims to be fairer this time with half of the funds allocated for even distribution to small businesses across regional Queensland, and they are giving you more time to prepare your application before round 2 opens for submissions on July 1.

Whilst rent, rates and utilities are noted as eligible items, we have been advised by the Department that as there is already some support/relief for these items, applications for these will not be weighted as highly as other items in the table above. 

The eligibility criteria is very similar to JobKeeper, so those receiving the wage subsidy (and who were not successful in round 1) will likely also be eligible to apply for a grant under this program.

To find out if you are eligible, and to apply online, please click this link.

If you have any questions regarding how COVID stimulus packages and other support may affect you, please contact us on 4922 6128.

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