Loyalty points can be applied to Services, Products, Gift Vouchers, and Packages. Each time a client purchases one of these items, which have points attached to it, the points are added to the client’s loyalty points total. 

All you need to do is choose which items you’d like to put points on, decide on which services are redeemable and set the number of points a client needs to redeem the services. Alternatively, you can opt to have the clients’ points converted to gift vouchers, for example, 100 points converts to a $20 Gift Voucher.

Clients can build up their points and then when they’ve reached a certain number of points they can use the points to redeem free services of your choice or convert their points to a Gift Voucher of your choice.

You can add points to services, products, vouchers, and packages on an individual basis. Alternatively, you set it up so that points are automatically added to all items in any of these categories (i.e. all services, all products, all vouchers, and/or all packages).

If you like the idea of Loyalty Cards for your clients, you can set those up too.

Setting up your Loyalty Program is easy

The articles below will help step you through the process of implementing Loyalty Points in your salon:

1. Enabling clients for Loyalty Points

2. Applying points to individual services, products, vouchers and/or packages

3. Auto Loyalty Points—applying points to all services, all products, all vouchers and/or all packages in one go

4. How clients can use their points to redeem services

5. Converting your clients’ loyalty points to a Gift Voucher

If you’d like assistance configuring your Simple Salon account to best suit your businesses, why not reach out to the friendly team at Business Wise!

Lloyd Priddle
Lloyd has had a very successful career as an accountant, director and author for almost 40 years. Holding post-graduate qualifications in Business, Lloyd has specialised in Business Development, and worked with the Queensland Government and local councils on numerous occasions through association with AusIndustry and the SBAS Natural Disaster Assistance Program. He is also board member of a number of commercial and not-for-profit entities.