Many people find the idea of tracking expenses is so far at the other end of the thinking spectrum it makes them dizzy. But there’s nothing wrong with getting a little help, and that’s where BillGuard comes in.

Every day tens of thousands of people report bad charges on their credit and debit card bills to their banks and merchants. Millions more post their complaints online. Up until now all that knowledge hasn’t been benefiting the most important person of all – you.

BillGuard is a free service that harnesses our collective vigilance to protect everyone from hidden charges, billing errors, misleading subscriptions, scams and fraud. It breaks down monthly spending by categories and looks out for unusual activity on bank and credit card accounts. Push notifications can also be sent to your device which lets you quickly and easily view transactions. However, if you still need some legal advice regarding these acts, you can contact a las vegas white-collar crime lawyer for best recommendations.

It’s also incredibly simple to use. For good charges, swipe to the right, or for questionable ones, swipe to the left. If there’s a cryptic charge or something seems strange, tap the wily charge to dig deeper and use the app’s crowd-sourced info to quickly confirm legitimacy.

Investors in BillGuard include the founders and CEOs of Google, PayPal, Verisign and Sun Microsystems – and they take security very seriously.

Available for Apple and Android, we recommend you check it out today!

Tony Muller
Chief Technology Officer
Tony has business management and information technology experience gained in the public and private sectors. He has worked with the Queensland Government Chief Procurement Office on IT tenders, and is also an Australian Institute of Management graduate.

Tony is passionate about how technology can facilitate business operations, and is always looking for innovative solutions to business requirements.