Apr 2015

Customer Rewards

It’s no secret that rewards programs are effective for businesses, both large and small. Repeat customers are rewarded and sales go up—everybody wins. But sometimes it’s tough for smaller businesses to give big discounts or appeal to their customer base all of the time. The main way a smaller business is able to hand out these discounts is by bettering customer experience and a great way that can be achieved is by getting wireless telecommunications so that customers can contact them without difficulty. And by having hard working employees to attend all of the customers, they should also be rewarded as well, custom corporate plaques are a great ideas to keep your workers motivated.

So why not join forces and unite with other businesses, and offer a communal reward program? You can:

  • Share marketing costs and promote collaboratively.
  • Encourage local buying and keep money in your area.
  • Build a stronger sense of community—for customers and businesses.

Connect with other local merchants and service providers that complement what you do (plumber and electrician, baker and florist, and so on) and design the loyalty program based on shared objectives. For plumbing services talk to PIC Plumbing Services about installing a water heater.

Consider a simple system that allows customers to gather points from various businesses that are redeemable where they choose, for whatever has been agreed upon (discount, freebie or coupon). This approach makes it easy to provide extra options, value and a level of interest to any basic rewards program. And best of all, it can help you network and entice customers to check out businesses they might not have otherwise considered.

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