Over the last few years, we kept on hearing experts say “You have to make your website mobile-friendly!” And in response, we heard business owners say “Sure, it would be nice if my website shows up pretty on a smart phone. But it’s not on the top of my priority list. My website can still be viewed on a smart phone” – and if this sounds like you, then you’re not alone.

One of the main reasons businesses fail is because there isn’t a good bookkeeping system in place that would provide warning signs the business could run out of cash. You can choose to set up a bookkeeping system manually (using accounting books), electronically (spreadsheets) or use accounting software. Unless you want to get familiar with bookkeeping practices, Business Continuity Planning Software is the most efficient choice. If you’re looking for

MYOB has announced that its popular mobile payments solution, MYOB PayDirect now accepts EFTPOS payments. MYOB PayDirect’s popularity has been driven by being the only mobile payments solution with accounting software integration available in Australia. MYOB General Manager, SME Solutions, James Scollay says this new feature will further increase its appeal. “We know that EFTPOS transactions are the most common type of card transactions in Australia. We also know from

Many people find the idea of tracking expenses is so far at the other end of the thinking spectrum it makes them dizzy. But there’s nothing wrong with getting a little help, and that’s where BillGuard comes in. Every day tens of thousands of people report bad charges on their credit and debit card bills to their banks and merchants. Millions more post their complaints online. Up until now all that knowledge hasn’t

We recently wrote that a website, or any other kind of software (and this is especially applicable to your bookkeeping software) is best thought of as an investment in your business. And because it’s an investment, it’s best not to think in terms of simply driving the cost down to zero — as you would if it were simply a cost centre for your business — but instead to think in terms of

All website owners want to get their sites built cheaply – as well they should – and there’s no reason to pay more than you have to including paying nothing at all if your needs could be serviced by a Facebook page, Instagram account, or a WordPress.com blog which can be designed by services you can hire at https://www.thewebshop.net.au. However, there are some common questions that arise when businesses begin

More and more Australian restaurants are replacing traditional desktop accounting software with CrunchTime software. Here we will take a look at the top 3 solutions for small business.

If you have a website, you’ve got data. Why is this important? According to this white label seo agency You now have an effective source of information to tell you when, where and why people visit—and leave—your website. And don’t fret if you’re not some hotshot analyst (or even a fan of numbers),there are multiple online tools to help you gather and break it down. Once you’ve got the info,

Xero is a relatively new cloud accounting software that allows business owners to spend more time focusing on their core business, rather than managing their accounts manually.